Hydrogen Peroxide? An Old Remedy with New Uses

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I love old remedies. You can always count on an older generation to have a simple yet effective solution. One that I remember is hydrogen peroxide.

Remember scraping your leg when falling off a bike? Mom, dad, or even grandma would pull out the brown plastic bottle. You know the one. The one that meant someone got hurt. But it was also the one that sort of fascinated you. Because you got to watch it work! You could literally watch the bubbles foam up on your “boo-boo”. Mom, Dad or even Grandma watched with satisfaction, knowing that this was going to keep their little one healthy. But you were watching with fascination! Your younger brain didn’t really know or understand how it really worked. But I remember being distracted by its bubbling action, and momentarily forgetting the pain.

Nowadays hydrogen peroxide has been replaced by numerous other antibacterials. But this vintage remedy still stands the test of time as a true powerhouse for destroying bacteria, viruses, spores and other infectious agents. Its inherent safety (provided you don’t drink it) makes an excellent choice for home sanitization. Remember the bubbling action? This is formed by producing destructive hydroxyl free radicals that attack membrane lipids, DNA and other essential cell components, according to the CDC. Basically the bubbling action occurs while destroying molecules that have a protein structure. Biological structures such as viruses, bacteria, spores, norovirus, and fungus. Its effectiveness is no joke!

However unlike bleach, hydrogen peroxide is actually molecularly very similar to water. And once it has done its job, it produces no dangerous compounds during its breakdown. It simply breaks down to two things: water and oxygen. That’s it! Just water and oxygen. This stability makes it a perfect, yet ecologically sound, choice for disinfecting a wide variety of surfaces. As only one component to our multi-phase Healthy Home Solutions Washer Sanitization, you’ll be that much closer to a healthier home.

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